Then There Were Three – Part 2

I’m finally back to wrap-up my bunny story! 😀

I am very grateful to have had the knowledge necessary for this task from past experiences with rabbits. It made it so much easier when dealing with these new ones! We already had an outside hutch, knew what we needed for food, and even had some straw on hand. Also, determining the gender of the rabbits was no big deal and we are hoping that there are no babies on the way (though it’s a real possibility since we found them all together)!

Before I go any further, I must tell you the good news. Mommy and Daddy have agreed to let us keep all three of the rabbits! We’re very happy and are looking forward to keeping them healthy and well acclimated to human contact. Unsure of what breed they were, I did some research when we first found them and came up with what I think is the right answer. They appear to be Lionheads. It’s a relatively new breed, from what I can gather, and there seems to be a lot of variation within the breed, making the distinct differences between our three quite understandable.

Now for a more detailed look at each one individually.

I’ll start with the black rabbit. He’s a male, and we’re guessing the father of the baby we caught. After very careful consideration (and nearly calling him “Espresso”) his official name is Java! While Java is pretty much healthy, there is one problem with him… he has buck teeth. For those unfamiliar with the term, it means his teeth are misaligned and don’t wear off properly, thus causing them to grow in the wrong directions – one sticks right out of his mouth, and the other curls up over his gum. The condition is genetic and requires constant clipping… with wire cutters. *screws up face and grimaces* I’m so scared I would hurt him! We’re unsure whether we are going to attempt the cutting ourselves, or have a vet show us how for this time.

Mocha on the left, Java on the right (you can kinda see his tooth)

Next we have the really furry one. She’s a female, and naturally, since we found these three together, we’re guessing that she is the mama of the baby. Unfortunately, her name is still being discussed, with the main possibility being Mocha. Noticing a theme here? Mmm, hmm. What’s that you say? Oh! Yes, we’re definitely coffee drinkers around here! If you have any suggestions for names, that would be great. Sticking with something coffee-ish would be nice, but any good name will be taken into consideration. She doesn’t have any health issues that we know about, though she is REALLY thin right now. But that’s understandable if she wasn’t fed right, and recently had a litter. Her fur was matted too, but some clipping and brushing have just about changed that.

Mocha with her ever adorable Jamocha!

And the last one, the baby, is another female. From the size, face shape, and a few other things, my best guess is that she’s about 12 weeks old. Basically all gray, she has what is known within the breed as a “double-mane”, meaning she has fur all around her head as well as tufts surrounding her tail. We all decided to call her Jamocha! It’s a cross between her hypothetical parents’ names – the “Ja” before “mocha” being in honor of Java – and came about as a bit of a joke. But once we put the name to the rabbit it fit so perfectly that there was no going back. Jamocha is just the cutest little thing! About a week ago, she got real tired while we had her out of the cage, and she fell asleep (in rabbit terms, that means her eyelids drooped and her nose slowed it’s incessant twitching) in my arms. She also seems to enjoy licking you sometimes!

“Jamoch” (her name got shortened, of course!)

Right now the rabbits are in “quarantine” and aren’t really allowed in the house. We also change our clothes and wash our hands immediately after handling them. The last thing we want to do is make our other animals sick with something that Java, Mocha, or Jamocha might have.

Lady L is just in love with this little girl

That’s all for now, but I’m sure there will be plenty more to come!

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One thought on “Then There Were Three – Part 2

  1. Risa

    They are so adorable! 🙂 Lionheads are definately a cute breed! I love your names for them. Mocha would be great name; Sam and I thought Latte could be a possibility if you like it. (They’re so cute!)



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