And It is Now… 2010!

Happy New Year!!!

A New Years Wish

May you always have:
Enough happiness to keep you pleasant…
Enough trials to challenge you…
Enough sorrow to make you compassionate.
Enough success to urge you on…
Enough failure to maintain your humility…
Enough health to keep you smiling…
Enough friends to share life with…
Enough wealth to meet your needs…
Enough faith to sustain you…
Enough work for your hands and mind…
Enough love to fill every corner of your heart.

~Author Unknown

A New Year

We stand at the gate of another new year,
The pathway ahead is untrod,
We know not the manner or course it will take,
We hold to the hand of our God!
Each moment, each day, and each month, and each year
Are blessings from heaven above;
In faith we can meet with the future unknown.
Serene and secure in His love.

The pathway may lead to the mountain’s high top
Where the air is so clear and so sweet;
Red roses and laurel are blossoming there,
And joy is so full and complete.
When riches increase and when plenty abounds,
From care and from trial set free,
Be careful, for fear you forget your great God,
The Giver of gifts unto thee!

The pathway may lead through the valley so deep,
Through sorrow and sadness and pain.
There may be affliction and grief and distress;
Our future we can’t ascertain.
The rocks will be sharp as they pierce in our feet,
And rough and so rugged the sod.
But ever look upward beyond the dark clouds;
Hold fast to the hand of your God!

We thank You, dear God, for another new year.
We face opportunities new
To live and to love and to toil and to serve,
Our fellowmen’s good kept in view.
We are ready to follow wherever He leads,
On mountain or deep in the vale;
We’re ready to place our frail hands into His,
His power will always prevail!

~ Pauline Ressler

May you have happy and blessed new year!


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