Go To The Ant

About two weeks ago, I got ants in the mail!!!!!! Ok, that sounds strange. Let’s go back a little over a year, and see if I can clear this up! For Easter 2009, Mom and Dad got me an AntWorks gel ant farm! The ants didn’t come with it though, so we had to order them. Well, a little over a year later, we finally ordered them! They got here on April 26! As soon as daddy got home, I put them in their new home!

As soon as I did, they all started to climb the sides and try to get out. A little while later, Michelle and I noticed that some of the ants had started to dig and make tunnels, while others were still trying to get out. We realized that the ones that had started to dig and make a home for themselves were the content ones, and the ones that were still trying to get out were the discontent ones! When we told mom about this, she had a great idea. Look for lessons I can learn from the ants, and then post about them! So that is what I  plan on doing.

“Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:”
~Proverbs 6:6~

Growing in my Father’s love,


2 thoughts on “Go To The Ant

  1. Sam

    How neat! Great post Lady L!! And great verse to go along with it; it’s perfect!!
    I hope you have fun with your ant farm….and learn something from it too! 😉



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