Birthday Blessings

I wanted to spend my birthday this year at the beach with my family. In October, the water is still warm from the Summer, but the masses of people have returned to harried vacation-less weeks, and so you find a balance of temperature and peacefulness. But the forecast was for rain and a chilly 60*, so we opted out.

Frankly, I was disappointed and sad that it was supposed to rain for most of the day on my birthday. *frown* I woke up right after sunrise to clouds and sat in the kitchen reading God’s Word and praying, looking back at the last year and looking forward to the next. I was so thankful when the sun came out! Grabbing my camera on the way out the door, I stood in our little yard, truly crowded on either side by another house, another family, another way of life, another set of problems. And I praised God! He is the giver of all good things and in His salvation is abundant joy.

After everyone else got up we had a lovely time together the rest of the morning, and decided to go for a walk at a nearby state park. That too, was lovely, satisfying my desire for fresh air and the woods. (pictures to come!) We talked about a lot of things together, including my mom wanting a camera, and the general need for another camera in our family (mine currently being the only one). Just after we got home, the phone rang and I answered.

“Hello, this is Jeff calling from [The Camera Store], is Michelle there?”
“Yes, that’s me.”
{and apparently I sounded very young…}
“…Oh, well, I’m calling to,… I wanted to let you know that you…well, you won the Olympus camera that we are giving away!”
“Oh!… Wow! That’s wonderful!”

Going over in my mind how you normally hear people react when they win things, I tried not to sound like that. Very unfortunately, the answer machine accidentally turned on, so part of the phone call was recorded, and we all got to hear it after I hung up, and I can tell you I failed. In fact, I was so awkward, it was infinitely worse! And the further proof that this guy thought I was younger than I am was when his first thought when it came to identifying myself for pickup was a school ID… or, he hastily added, a credit card. *smile*

But all that aside, can you believe the amazing timing?! On my birthday, just after we had been talking about it!!! We’re so thankful to God for providing in this way. We couldn’t have afforded to buy a nice camera right now, and it truly is an answer to prayer. (You can see a picture of it in use on my photo blog)

As we were all still happily chatting about it, the doorbell rang. It was the UPS guy, and he left a package on our doorstep addressed to… me! I haven’t ordered anything, so it was a mystery at first. But upon hesitantly opening the box, I was so overjoyed to find a sweet gift, from a very sweet friend! It was the perfect birthday surprise!

I wanted to share all this because it demonstrated a lesson I have been trying to fully learn for a very long time, and one which has been increasingly easier to accept. God is our faithful Creator – he will not forsake that which He has made. His sovereign will is perfect, and only within it can we be truly happy. And so we weren’t able to go to the beach, but God had such good things purposed for us that day, and I’m convinced that my birthday was the best it could be. The love of God and the love of my family brought me… and brings me… much joy! 😀

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About Michelle

I am the middle of three daughters, daily living by the grace of God and in awe of Christ's perfect love, to suffer and die in atonement for my sins, and then rise from the dead to give me eternal life with Him. I get excited about reading/applying/talking about God's Word, travel, fellowship, nutrition, books, writing, photography, cooking and especially baking, designing things, event planning, and doing things with my family.

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