Happy Thanksgiving!!!

As we drew near to this day, I was struck with how many things there are to be thankful for. Even the things that seem bad, they all have been given to us for a purpose that only God knows. This really became clear to me when I got sick on Monday. I was very upset. How could I be sick on Thanksgiving!?!?! It was hard for me to miss going to a friends house on Tuesday for dinner when I had been looking forward to it for the last few weeks. I struggled with God’s command to be thankful in ALL things. How could I be thankful for a cold? Though I did not understand why, I realized that God had given me this cold for a reason, and that I should be thankful for it. It was hard, but I can truly say, “I am thankful for this cold.” I still don’t know why I got it, and I might never know, but God does, and I am content to leave it in His hands.

Blessings in Disguise
By Pauline Ressler

Today I want to thank You, Lord,
For blessings in disguise-
That piercing thorn upon my path,
The dark and cloudy skies,
That disappointment sent to me,
The sadness and the pain,
The tears that flowed when in distress,
The loss instead of gain!

Today I see the blessing rare
When skies were dark and gray-
You were so very near to me;
I took more time to pray.
I realized my helplessness
And Your sufficiency;
I understood that I must lean
More closely unto Thee!

I’ll praise You, Lord, for cares of life,
For burdens thick and sore;
For when you led through dreary ways,
I learned to love You more!
I know not what the future holds,
What trials may unfold;
If I be tried in furnace fire,
Let me come forth as gold!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Lady L


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