Meal Planning for Travel

Sorry this is late. 😦 I tried writing after midnight on Saturday, but that didn’t work out so well!

Planning the food is one of the most exciting, though difficult, parts when we go on road trips. As we have been changing our diet to eliminate refined foods over the past years, and especially this past year to purposefully eat nutritious foods, it has become more complicated and sometimes less tasty. But this time, I believe our menu may have struck a balance! Mama and I are excited about it and look forward to seeing how it goes. If there’s one problem, it will be running out of cooler space…


  • We decided on sandwiches and cold salads for most of the lunches and dinners we had to bring:
    Brown Rice Salad with an Asian flair (pictured above) – we tried it on Wednesday (omitting the raisins), and it was delicious! The cashews really make it!
    Four Bean Salad (Simply in Season cookbook, pg 104)
    Vegetable Pasta Salad (Simply in Season, Pg 107)
  • For a hot meal at the hotel, Mama made Lentils and Tomatoes – a simple dish with 13 cloves of garlic! A great immune system boost for vacation! She made it ahead and froze it in re-used jars (we used pasta sauce jars), so we have “disposable” glass containers. They’ll also serve as “ice” in our cooler. To go with it I made ahead and froze the best flaky whole wheat biscuits (tutorial coming soon).
  • Lady L made a big batch of Whole Wheat Tortillas last week. Being very versatile, they can be eaten plain, with leftovers on them, as a sandwich wrap, or even with the snacks below. She also rolled some really thin and “over-cooked” them so they became crispy like crackers!


  • Hummus! Another immune-boosting garlic dish! To make it even more economical and healthy, we soaked and cooked dry beans according to Sally Fallon’s directions in Nourishing Traditions. I’ll also be packing this in re-used jars – small ones so there’s no sharing in between seats and they’re used quickly and not left partially used in the cooler for long. We’re bringing crackers and tortilla chips to go with it – the tortillas themselves also are delicious!
  • Granola Bars! We finally found a recipe that tastes almost like the ones from the store, but better! Made ahead and froze.
  • It’s like a family tradition to bring a dessert when we go on a trip, usually cookies. I’ve been making these Chocolate Chip Cookies. Made with whole wheat flour and Sucanat (or Rapadura/Rapunzel) they are a delicious healthier cookie and come really close to Toll House. Once again, I made these ahead and froze them, but we’ve yet to see how they turn out when thawed!
  • Fruit, of course. Apples, and bananas, and grapes, and oranges.
  • Perhaps another family tradition – we bring homemade croutons to snack on. Seriously! It’s like garlic bread in cube form! Mama really likes them paired with grapes.
  • Trail Mix – I LOVE cashews and tried making the Crispy Cashews from Nourishing Traditions. They taste good, but don’t have that signature cashew flavor and butter-i-ness that I love. It may be that I let them soak a little too long (my oven was in use – poor planning).

And that’s most of it! It sure does seem like a lot more when you’re making it. 😛 I’ve already had to fore-go making our own sandwich rolls and the salsa, but I’m still attempting crackers tomorrow morning… though, I must confess, we bought some at the store as back up! We leave in two days!

How do you plan nutritious food when traveling? How do you prepare?

I found the following pages and their comments helpful when planning:

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5 thoughts on “Meal Planning for Travel

  1. Millie

    Thanks for linking to me! We’re planning a trip again this summer and I’m already thinking on what to make. I love the planning 🙂 You have some great suggestions.

  2. elephantloversam

    For as often as I look forward to you all posting…how did I NOT see this post earlier? Everything looks delicious…we had the same perdicament with food planning for ourselves over vacation. I have a question for you though, approx. how many cookies does that recipe make? They look really good but I’d like to know what to expect :).

    1. Michelle Post author

      Glad you liked the post, Sam! I made a double batch of cookies, and I guess it turned out about 4 dozen cookies using a 1 1/2 Tbl cookie scoop. But that is a guess… it might have been a little less.

      PLEASE NOTE: I think Mrs. Graham may have mixed up the temperatures between the bars and cookies, as 400* crisped my cookies, and 350* worked well. But use your own judgment on which temp to use, as it may have been another factor. {I’ve become a little rusty on cookie-making recently!}

      And in case anyone was wondering, they were great after being frozen, though they did seem to get a little dry after a couple of days – sooner than fresh cookies tend to.


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