Hold Your Bananas!!!

A little over a week ago, on Saturday, we went to a local produce market, and while we were there, we saw that they were selling bags of bruised and overripe bananas for only a dollar a bag! It was an amazing price, and we picked up two bags, with visions of banana bread and banana cookies dancing through our minds. The plan was to make the bread that day, but after going to two book sales, we decided it was a bad idea. So now the question was what to do with all these bananas since they would not last until Monday. Freezing them seemed like the best option, so I hopped on Google to find out what the best way would be. As it turns out, there really isn’t any one way that works best. You can either  freeze them with the peel on, with it off, cut up, or mashed! We chose to peel and freeze them.

First, you need bananas.  As you can see, ours were quite bruised. 😐

Peel them, and place on wax paper covered trays so that they are not touching. Put them in the freezer over night, or until frozen. Freezing them on trays will keep them from freezing together into one big chunk in the bag.

Once they are frozen, put them into freezer bags. Next time you have a recipe that calls for bananas, pull out however many you need, thaw them, and enjoy!

We’ll post what we make with them when the time comes!


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