Family Economics Trip Report (part 1)

{Finally posted! :D}

We had a wonderful time as a family preparing for, traveling to and from, and attending the 2012 Family Economics Conference and Liberty Day. I’d like to attempt to share with you a little bit of the goodness we experienced and what a blessing family is!


As you saw in my post on travel food, we made a lot of food to bring with us. And you also probably read that Mama made 3 dresses in the 2 weeks before we left (side note: we got the fabric on clearance after Thanksgiving, plus used amazing coupons, so each dress only cost $25-$30!). It was a busy and blessed time. You see, each of us helped Mama with our dress, learning little bits about sewing as we went, so that was special. I planned and prepared the food. In her “extra” time, Lady L helped me make the food and organized all the animal care for the first time. Amanda made dinner for us most evenings the last week. We learned a lot about teamwork and faithfully fulfilling large responsibilities.

Have I mentioned that Amanda and Lady L signed up to participate in the Liberty Day choir? Yeah, sorry about that, it kind of slipped my mind! The weeks before we left were filled with earbuds, mp3 players, piano strains, lots of practicing of an alto line, and the occasional attempts to harmonize with the lead line. It all came out well in the end, and I’ll post about it when I get there.


There were lots of interesting things to see as we traveled to the Chicago area, some of which you’ll see in pictures below. It was a long drive, but the company superb.

I tried to keep a trip log

One of the more interesting ones – this truck appears to have veered off the road and then slipped into the ditch, unable to pull itself out. They were using three heavy-duty tow trucks to try to drag it out.

Another interesting incident: the first time we have ever been stopped on the highway, with the cars off, and people out walking around. Apparently there was an accident that involved a fatality, so we were stopped for almost an hour.


We arrived at the hotel late Wednesday evening, had our dinner of Lentils and Tomatoes, served with biscuits and a chef salad, in the hotel room, and then went for a quick swim. You might remember me saying in a post about last year’s Family Economics Conference trip that we hadn’t been able to afford modest swimwear, and so we chose our pool times carefully and used what we could find. Our standards have always been that we won’t wear anything to the pool that we wouldn’t wear “on the street.” But that’s been really hard to uphold with what you can find in the store, so we’ve mostly just given up on swimming. Over this past year God has abundantly blessed us with a swimsuit for Lady L, and one for me! Lady L’s was her birthday present, and mine was given to me by a sweet friend who had bought it online and didn’t like the way it fit her. She WAS going to sell it on Ebay, but gave it to me when she saw our need. I cannot tell you how that blesses me!

Thursday afternoon we had planned to see a bit of Chicago, but everyone was tired and didn’t feel like it, not to mention we were shocked by how expensive just about everything was! So we spent the morning swimming, having a pillow fight, taking a brief nap (some of us hadn’t gotten much sleep the past two nights), and finishing our dresses (there were a few details we hadn’t gotten to yet, like finishing the zipper ends, fixing a minor issue, and attaching the hooks and eyes!), and then headed over to the conference rather early.

Don’t worry, it was a tame pillow fight. And yes, there were indeed FIVE different patterns in the hotel room! Though they all had the same color scheme, it really bothered me…

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