More Canning!

We’ve had a very interesting gardening year! One of the more amusing incidents has to do with hot peppers, Yellow Hungarian Wax peppers specifically.

At the beginning of the year as we were going through our seed collection, Lady L noticed that most of our hot pepper seeds were a few years old. We’ve had problems with germination on seeds this old in the past, and weren’t sure how they’d do this year, and then also, if we didn’t use them all, if they’d even be worth trying next year. So she and Daddy came to the conclusion that we should just plant all our remaining hot pepper seeds. No one bothered to count how many little seeds were actually in those poor flimsy paper packages. They just started planting.

Lady L started feeling a bit of mis-giving when the seeds didn’t seem to stop coming, and the pots full of dirt and seeds kept piling up. But hey, we could always sell some extra peppers, or even give some plants away, or whatever, right? Besides, the germination rate should be in the 50% range! We had Jalapeno, Anaheim, Pablano, Cayenne, and those lovely Hungarian Wax peppers. When the seeds finally sprouted, the grand total count came to 109 plants. And we decided to keep them all.

But I’m a little off-topic – this was supposed to be about canning. Of all the pepper varieties, the Hungarian Wax did the best. That’s probably an understatement. They did TREMENDOUSLY well and were beautiful with all the shining peppers pointing their tips towards the sky. We decided to make hot pepper rings with our crop, and they turned out amazingly well and delicious. Our family has already eaten into the second jar of them!

At the same time we made pizza sauce with our own garden tomatoes, awaiting some cooler weather before the actual pizzas are made.

Aren’t the labels adorable? And there is no stickiness left on the jar when you remove the labels! Yay! Here’s where Lady L found them, via Pinterest of course. šŸ˜‰ BUT I’ll not digress and gush over how I love using Pinterest to find things.

In current canning news, the last few days have been spent making 11 pints of pasta sauce, and preparing 24 pounds of tomatoes by washing, skinning, and chopping them, for 38 cups of sauce, or 19 more pints. A post on that should show up soon!


4 thoughts on “More Canning!

    1. Michelle Post author

      To be perfectly honest, no one has needed to be that brave. šŸ˜€ We know that our Hungarian Wax peppers are on the mild side without the seeds, and so we made some mild with no seeds, and some medium with a few seeds. BUT, if a tester was needed, it would be my dad.


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