“30 Days Hath September” – the 11th

Same subject. Same place. Same time. 30 days. } a personal challenge

This started out as a very aggravating photoshoot. The conditions were NOT what I wanted – the time was a little off and the shadows were harsh, our neighbor decided to work on his truck right in the middle of our location, and it had been a difficult day. But I had forgotten that this was exactly the reason I challenged myself to take portraits every day – cause every day isn’t perfect. I needed to get beyond grabbing my camera when I was inspired and found a pretty spot or pretty light, and I needed to learn to work with what I have when I have it.

So this is the day I learned to stop fighting my surroundings, and to embrace them. Our neighbor’s truck could actually work as I nice prop, instead of simply being in my way. But yeah, I still have to work on embracing it AS a prop more. 😛


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