Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas is only a few short days away! There are a few things to share, and I will try to get through them all in an orderly and succinct fashion.

What Christmas Is Looking Like Around Here

Gifts are being completed, packages are arriving, and wrapping is planned for today. {“Brown paper packages tied up with string…” *smile*}
We have one more cookie to make today… Ginger Cookies! And a bunch of food for Sunday-Tuesday.
Sunday morning the three of us girls and another lady will be singing Angels We Have Heard on High in 3-part acappella harmony for the church. Yikes… please pray.
Our plans for Christmas Eve include our traditional Lasagna dinner (Italian style!), candlelight, lots of singing and Bible reading, and… a visit to the vet with a sick bunny. *sigh*
There’s no snow yet!
And a little confession… we only decorated the living room this year…

Christmas Preparations…in Celebration of What?

Praying before dinner just a few night ago, my dad said something like this, “be with us as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Your Son…” Immediately there was a little uneasiness in my heart. Yes, I sure am busy preparing! Yes, for a celebration. But… am I really preparing to celebrate this amazing act of God’s love, to be born on earth and live among sin… to then go to the cross and suffer a cruel death at the hands of rebellious men… for my sins. For me. Because He loves me with a perfect love! And I have no such love to return. I complain of difficulties and sorrows at this time of year, I dwell on my selfish wants instead of His fulness to meet my needs, and I’m concerned about what people will think of me and the gifts I give. I pray the Lord that He will give us all hearts to celebrate the birth of Jesus this year, and to worship Him with a fulness and wholeness, without distraction and in simplicity, offering ourselves!

A Few Thoughts Of Mary and Joseph (and various other characters!)

As Christmas day has fast approached, I’ve been wondering a bit, “why Mary… why Joseph…?” What made them God’s chosen vessels in His great work? I only wonder because it must have been something beautiful, it must have been a heart that was right in a particular way before God, it must have been something that God was pleased with… the angel greeted Mary, “Hail , thou that art highly favored…” I only wonder because it must be something that I can learn from.

There is one thought that has come to mind. Both Mary and Joseph knew the voice of the Lord when it came to them and obeyed Him, contrary to their culture. And further, they had peace and joy in doing His will. No matter what faults they might have had, they knew their God, and were tender and submitted to His commands. How else would they have accepted a child being conceived out of marriage? How else would they have borne the reproach of strangers… of family and friends? Then there is Elizabeth, also chosen and obedient. No angel appeared to her, yet she knew God come to earth, even as a tiny baby in Mary’s womb! And she believed. No reproach came from her, for she knew God in His fulness and trusted in His ways, though they seemed strange compared to what was culturally accepted.

I could continue my micro character study with Zacharias, who questioned God’s ability to perform His word, and learned a very valuable lesson about how able God really is! And more, with Hannah and Simeon at the temple, who knew God’s hand at work and His Person in a little child, these two people who had waited on God all their lives and trusted in His promises… these two people who were rewarded in an unimaginably beautiful way. Yes, I am convinced – if not THE reason God chose them, Mary and Joseph’s hearts for hearing, obeying, and knowing Him was certainly a key part. And what a challenge this is to us! Many more thoughts follow in my mind and heart, but time runs out…

I apologize for the lack of pictures today. I hope to remedy that with updates in the next few weeks! Merry Christmas everyone! I’ve been telling everyone I meet “Merry Christmas” and their varied reactions, many times stumbling for something to say in return, have been an interesting study, of sorts. 😉

Have a blessed and beautiful few days!

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I am the middle of three daughters, daily living by the grace of God and in awe of Christ's perfect love, to suffer and die in atonement for my sins, and then rise from the dead to give me eternal life with Him. I get excited about reading/applying/talking about God's Word, travel, fellowship, nutrition, books, writing, photography, cooking and especially baking, designing things, event planning, and doing things with my family.

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