A New “Adventure”

Happy 2013! How special that we can enter a new year trusting in the Lord and looking forward to the goodness of His will and ways, even if we don’t understand them or wouldn’t choose them.

In this new year, we have another battle to wage with bunny illness. Another possibly sad one. And as much as I don’t really want to have to share these things here, spreading the sadness to you, I believe it’s important because this is life… the life God has given us. Just as much as the joys and triumphs, the beauties and the smiles, are part of God’s marvelous work, so are the trials and difficulties, the pain and death. My goal is not to write about the sweetest and best things that happen to us, but rather the grace and power of God in a submitted life, and the vast and amazing ways this is worked out in a practical way.

I want you to know – it’s not about going to amazing Christian events, having the dearest friends, taking stunning pictures with expensive cameras, composing a breath-taking sentence, cooking healthy and delicious and beautiful food, or anything else that is fun and exciting in life. It’s about our hearts before God, serving Him in those things… and in the simple life in between those things. Blessing others. Returning good for evil. Smiling and trusting the Lord through difficulties. Surrendering pain and finding comfort in God’s fullness. Not seeking the limelight for our own sakes. It’s doing, or not doing, everything solely for Christ’s sake.

…what you are about to read is our life, and our “adventure” in between the outwardly “beautiful”…

Ebony has an abscess on her jaw, and her teeth are in bad shape (which we knew, considering her teeth have been maloccluded for the past year). She was officially diagnosed on Christmas Eve, and we’ve been praying what to do about it since. Surgery isn’t an option for various reasons, but I’ve been reading about an alternative treatment online using penicillin injections. The bad news is that our vet hasn’t had much success with this and doesn’t think it will work. The “good news” is that he doesn’t have any alternative and is willing to prescribe it if that’s what we want to do.

So today I started my search for a good supplier of penicillin G procaine/benzathine, syringes, and the needles… tomorrow the adventure continues…

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About Michelle

I am the middle of three daughters, daily living by the grace of God and in awe of Christ's perfect love, to suffer and die in atonement for my sins, and then rise from the dead to give me eternal life with Him. I get excited about reading/applying/talking about God's Word, travel, fellowship, nutrition, books, writing, photography, cooking and especially baking, designing things, event planning, and doing things with my family.

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