Ebony’s Jaw Abscess

This is just an update post on Ebony’s abscess. If you don’t want to hear about it, you can skip this post, but then you won’t get to see the pictures of our cute girly! Or what’s been occupying our thoughts and time…

First, a funny story: On Tuesday afternoon, we’re back in the vet’s office, ready to open/drain the abscess somehow and start bicillin injections. The vet is ready to wrap Ebony in the towel so he can examine her, and Lady L and I are a little anxious because she IS a squirmy one and she doesn’t like “the towel” either – last time at the vet’s she absolutely wore herself (and the vet) out constantly scrambling and escaping from the towel. This time, as soon as he puts his hand on her and pulls one edge of the towel up, she squirms and leaps and we all grab for her… the vet exclaiming, “oh my word, this is THE ONE!” The vet paused for a moment and repeated it with a bit of a groan before we subdued Ebony enough to get her tightly wrapped and escape-proof. Apparently he had forgotten that Ebony was “THE ONE” he had struggled with so much last time. Hehe. We all laughed, but it’s kinda embarrassing being the “parent” of “that child”…

After examining the abscess (which had gotten considerably bigger), he recommended having it lanced and removing as much pus as possible. I’ll spare you the details, and just say that if I hadn’t been reading all about these abscesses for awhile, it would have been quite disgusting! Thinking about the pus as simply the dead remains of white blood cells makes it a lot more tolerable when you see that much of it.

Though our vet is still rather unconvinced about this treatment, I’m thankful he’s willing to help us along. He taught me how to give sub-cuttaneous injections, and guided me as I gave one there in the office. I was surprised by how simple and painless it is! The only issue is that he gave us just the Penicillin G Procaine – no benzathine with it… so I’m going to have to find it somewhere else after all. So much for going the easy route and just getting it from the vet’s office.

Yesterday, I gave Ebony her second injection (first at home) and it went great. We also got her new cage that we had ordered online! Because of the increasingly cold weather, we decided it was best that she live indoors as we fight this infection. We moved her into the kitchen on Saturday evening, but we had to get a cage with plastic sides before she could reside on the carpeted floor of our bedroom upstairs. *ahem*

Ebony, this past Spring, peeking out the open door of her cage and begging for some petting

See?! She’s going to have to get over this squirmy, jumpy behavior…

After our fist injection at home! I’m so glad it’s easier than people made it out to be! Yes, her eyes are watering – it’s related to the problems with her teeth.

Lady L was so excited to finally get the cage she ordered! She’s been checking it’s status ever since it shipped.

I’ll post again when Ebony is settled into our bedroom and I get some better pictures. 🙂

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One thought on “Ebony’s Jaw Abscess

  1. handsomehare

    Its ridiculous how much I can relate to this story: the bicillin, home injections, everything! My first house rabbit developed a jaw abcess because he wouldn’t eat hay, no matter how enticing I tried to make it. Best of luck with Ebony! 🙂


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