Ebony’s Jaw Abscess (the 2nd update)

These pictures are from the middle of January:

On the larger shaved area, the smaller, redder “nodule” is the abscess itself. The “bulgy” or “puffy” section on what would be her cheek is actually abnormal bone growth, trying to close off the body from the infection.

Ebony is now 4 weeks into her bicillin injections. Since the above photos were taken, the abscess cavity seems to have shrunk, but it’s still weeping pus. We’ve also been giving her injections on our lap instead of on a counter space – she copes much better. And we’ve given up on the towel-wrapping bit. 😛 Our Ebbsy girl enjoys roaming our bedroom… and especially jumping up and lounging on our bed! When our room is clean enough, and the light is pretty enough, I’ll take some pictures for you.

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