Meet Aurelia (and other elusive Roman cats)

^This^ is Aurelia, so named for her aquiline looks. It all started out innocently enough. She was a skinny, kittenish thing – scared of humans and desperately hungry. We took pity and left a handful of food out for her. A couple of days later, Daddy announces that he got her to eat out of his hands. A few weeks later, and Lady L has enticed Aurelia onto her lap.

She also has a bed on the back porch, and a water bowl. It’s been really cold and dark this winter, and it was difficult to watch the little thing suffer. A week or so more, and she had been allowed a couple of hours in the warm kitchen every evening. And now, a little over two months since this whole thing began, Miss Aurelia is spending most of her time indoors, including the cold overnights.

She roams the whole downstairs and part of the upstairs, finding great pleasure in slipping by into the places she’s not supposed to be. The other two cats hiss and growl at her whenever she’s near, and there’s an occasional swat exchanged, but they’re rather too lazy to put enough effort into fighting, and Aurelia doesn’t like to fight either. She seems to want their companionship. Unfortunately, she’s still a little distrustful of humans, and does NOT like being picked up or held! AND…

…the little miss has turned out to be PREGNANT! 😯 The above picture was taken a couple weeks ago, and she has grown considerably bigger and more uncomfortable since then! We’re expecting the kittens sometime during the first full week of April (in about 10 days!). This will be an interesting experience if she decides to have them inside, as we have never had kittens before.

The most likely daddy candidates are these two males, which showed up about the same time Aurelia did. We don’t like them – they’re not friendly, and are kinda scary looking, not to mention always getting into fights – so we stuck with the Roman theme, and gave them names we don’t like, Gaius and Decimus.

Gaius, always sticking his nose in other kitties business (literally…)

Decimus, who has one blue eye and one green eye and is often see with patches of fur missing

And our animals adventures continue…

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6 thoughts on “Meet Aurelia (and other elusive Roman cats)

    1. Michelle Post author

      We were talking about all the typical stray cat colors last night and wondering if any would have split eyes! I really do hope Decimus is the daddy – he is, perhaps, a little bit cute. 😀

  1. Kathleen

    I love cats! 🙂 She is very nice looking too.
    I hope to see some kittens pics soon! 🙂
    Have fun with the kittens when they come!

    1. Michelle Post author

      Thanks, Kathleen! I think I can safely assure you that there will be plenty of kitten pictures… 😛

  2. Sam

    Wow! You guys always seem to be taking in pregnant animals ;). She’s very pretty, and although the potential fathers are mean…at least they’re handsome! lol Can’t wait to see the kittens =^_^=

    1. Michelle Post author

      I had to laugh at your comment, Sam! “Always” taking in pregnant animals seems a bit extreme… 😆


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