Our Adventurous Thursday

Between a crime scene investigation and the delivery of kittens (*happy dance*), Thursday was a day to remember.

Amanda and I were still half awake Wednesday “night” (actually 2:00 AM Thursday) when we heard commotion next door through our open bedroom window. From then until 5 AM we were in and out of sleep, and by 6:30 a man had been taken to the hospital, and the police were blocking the area off as a crime scene. The details are not edifying, and thus I won’t include them.

(picture “borrowed” from our local news)

The “suspect” is the man who had been living next door and talking to us for three months – asking about our garden, petting the bunny, etc. It’s not “scary,” knowing that God is in control, but it is rather heart-breaking to see what comes from rejection of God’s ways and how people’s lives are broken because of it. Please, please pray for our neighborhood and the safety of the people in it! We moved here almost 20 years ago, and it wasn’t like this then. There have been a few rather disturbing incidents recently, and in October, some guys walking down our street broke the mirror off the side of our car.

I only share these things so you can better understand our situation and the need we are feeling to move. We are praying all the time that God would show us His will for when and where. Practically the whole country stands as a possibility before us and we are unsure of what God wills for us. We do see the need for/importance of moving to a place where there is a true biblical church we can be a part of. Anyone attending a Christ-centered, family-integrated church we could consider? Seriously. We are looking into places and churches across the country. Maybe God’s will is not for us to move right now, and if so, then we continue to pray for strength and safety and submit in cheerfulness and joy.

But back to the story. Somewhere around 7 AM the CSI team showed up and the investigation got underway in earnest – little numbered markers, lots of pictures, swabs, and piecing together the actual series of events by the evidence.  At about the same time, Aurelia went into labor! So between 7:00 and 1:00 we were busy delivering kittens and and watching the fascinating process of investigation. And drinking lots of coffee.

(another picture from our local news – minus some things :P)

Aurelia was in labor for 5 1/2 hours and had 6 kittens! For a first litter that is quite a few. It explains why she was so huge and uncomfortable! She is recovering really well and adapting to being a mother. And the kittens are too cute. There are three that look like they will be tabbies, one that will either be black or charcoal gray, and two that are white with gray tabby “caps” on their heads! The whole story and many pictures will follow soon, but here are three to hold you over until then.

The second kitten, this is one of the tabbies (we think), but it also has white on it’s face, tummy, and paws!

I believe this was #4, the runt

Happy (and exhausted!) Aurelia with all of her kittens… the runt isn’t visible, it’s probably under her back leg.

In the late afternoon, some dear friends came over for a piano lesson and visit, and they brought us coffee! How sweet! Thank you, Mrs. L! It was very much appreciated and enjoyed after such a sleepless night and long day.


3 thoughts on “Our Adventurous Thursday

  1. Sam

    Wow. Well, wow. This is quite a post.
    I’m so happy that the kittens were born without any complications! I devoured all the pictures =]. I will be praying for you guys and your possible move often. We are currently blessed to be able to attend 2 wonderful family integrated churches (one meets a.m., the other p.m.), and I pray you will be able to find something for your family as well.
    In Christ, S

  2. victoria

    We attend a FIC in Georgia. There are several here. One of the oldest is located in Moultrie and is called Berean Baptist. One of the elders is a team leader with the NCFIC for the southeastern United States. You might want to look them up and get some information. There are also some good FIC churches in Centerville, TN – one Presbyterian and the other two Reformed Baptist. I guess it will depend on what you are looking for in a church. I’ll be praying you all find something and somewhere safer to move.


    1. Michelle Post author

      Thank you both, Victoria and Sam, for commenting. It is encouraging to hear of others and their churches/churches they know of. I’m looking at the ones you suggested, Victoria – thank you. And thank you both for praying!

      In love,


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