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So much time has gone by since we have posted anything! The past two months have been full with gardening, Bible Bee study and memorization, picnics, kittens getting into trouble, hot air balloon crewing, wonderful family conversations, school year planning, and more. As always, there have been spiritual battles along the way – lessons learned, hearts humbled, and thankfulness for the goodness of the Lord. How amazing to live in the joy of God’s salvation!

Lady L got eyeglasses!

And then contact lenses, too!

We spent the 4th of July with friends this year, reading the Declaration of Independence, eating red, white and blue foods, dressing up, doing an Independence themed history quiz, reading quotes from the founding fathers of our country, and more.

Having fun on E’s “mini-bike”

Daddy reading the Declaration

Attentively listening

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Two of our kittens went to their new home! It was sad in a way, but they went to live with good friends who we know take excellent care of them, and so it was bitter-sweet.

The tabby and white is Ridley, and the black one is Cameron

We did our first canning of the year! Hot Hungarian Pepper Rings – they are delicious on hamburgers, fried egg sandwiches, and pizza! The recipe and picture tutorial will be coming when we can the next batch.

Every three weeks during the Summer we had a Bible Bee practice and fellowship meeting. Amanda was a volunteer with the Primary age division (ages 7-10), reading the test to some young ones and listening to them recite. I volunteered to help with Juniors and was placed in charge of the Junior/Senior practices. What an experience! As the person leading, you have to make decisions and come up with answers, and be responsible… not forgetting where you put things. šŸ˜›

My best baking experiment so far this year was Blueberry Crumble Bars! SO delicious! It’s a great recipe for your frozen blueberries, too. I took pictures, and hope to post the tutorial soon.

The end of July and beginning of August found us crewing at two balloon festivals, learning some very valuable lessons about priorities and relationships… learning to set lightly by the world and it’s offerings. It is such a blessing to have a God-honoring family where we can hold each other accountable and encourage one another in serving the Lord!

I got to fly! šŸ˜€

Round bales dotting the fields below

balloon field sunsets

One night, our neighbors came out and went on a tethered balloon ride. Nighttime tethers give you a really interesting perspective of the surrounding area.

During our local fair Amanda and Lindsey also show some things in the handwork and craft show, the vegetable and herb show, and the flower show. Most of their items placed this year!

Gathering produce to enter

Entering flowers

One day we went to the fair with some friends so Lady L and “E” and “N” could go on the rides together.

They were all a little nervous getting on this ride, and as bystanders, this is what we saw on their faces as they first hit the high point! {this is a crop from a larger image} Each one’s expression is so typical of them, that it’s really quite hilarious!

watching in the relative cool of the shade afforded by a nearby ride

I was given a free ride, and it was for my favorite one, too! My hair was NOT in the right style to hold up to the forces acting upon it!

We saw this bug. Although, we almost didn’t!

A regional recipe for crumb cake!

Calvin (the white one) is such a goofy kitten!

Our friends adopted two precious girls from China, and had a dedication and picnic for them. They are doing really well in their new family, and are very friendly once they warm up to you.

They were throwing water at me!!

Calvin again, in a picture we never thought we’d see – being cleaned by Twinkles, the “grumpy aunty”!

Both my parents lived in NC for awhile, and actually met there, so I wanted to try to make a close copy-cat version of western NC pulled pork/barbecue and hush puppies for them, and this is the meal we had.

Last week we crewed quite a few engagement flights! It almost seems like it’s “engagement season” or something. We also went to a friend’s birthday party.

The birthday boy

Some of us stayed late and sang hymns around the fire

Lady L wearing one of her beautiful hair flowers

Father and son

Dwayne, a friend from church

At our monthly church fellowship last Sunday, Dwayne took the time to listen to Lady L, “E” and “N” recite their Bible Bee verses. Lady L really appreciated it and was very encouraged by his interest.

The adorable and wonderfully happy baby J

N and Lady L sang the Acts 10:38-43 passage together

“N” pretending to be really nervous in front of her Bible Bee judge, and Lady L pretending to be her worried mother!

The Bible Bee was this past Saturday! Pictures coming soon…

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