I have a Savior, Jesus Christ the Righteous, who has spilled His blood so that I may be cleansed in it. And I have the Holy Spirit dwelling in me, forever reminding me of God’s mighty Word that I hold in my heart and hands. That I am a wretched sinner, none can doubt. That I have been freed, I would give my life to proclaim. That any good you see in me is only Christ, I too often forget. Oh, to be a selfless vessel, Precious Lord!

My parents have educated me at home my whole life, and I would like to thank them for the innumerable sacrifices they make every day to train me in the ways of God, to instill in me a love of learning, and to faithfully and humbly live that out to me as we walk side by side. I love you both, and pray for you every day!

On our family team, you might say that I am the organizer, tech support person, writer, photographer, nutrition enthusiast (i.e. “food police,” to the rest of the family), baker, detail-noticer {no, it’s not supposed to be a word}, blog/website hopper, solution researcher.


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