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At the Worship of God Conference

We are so thankful that we are able to attend The Worship of God conference! The first keynote is very soon (and we are REALLY excited to hear it!), so let me quickly post some pictures from this morning.

We drove all day yesterday and slept late this morning.

Some of the necessary comforts from home: organic coffee with raw honey…

We sat outside together as we each finished in the bathroom, and read God’s Word, discussed some things, and relaxed from the past few days of hurried trip preparations.

For breakfast, some of us had bread and butter with apples, and some had homemade instant oatmeal. Bringing food was a challenge on this trip, as the only way we have of cooking or heating anything is hot water!

We picked up our registration packet.

Toured the grounds here at Ridgecrest conference center.

And saw some beautiful mountain scenery!

From the overlook, the three of us girls hiked back down to the conference center.

And now the conference begins! 😀 More updates will come as time allows.

Much love in the Spirit (Col 1:8),